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Direct from UK manufacturer
Use your creative flare to build your own oasis
Heavy duty welded construction with 30cm (12 inch) spout
Robust, withstanding sunlight, frost and footballs
No toxic substances used, totally safe for fish and pond life
Internal baffles ensures even flow
Oxygenates your pond & fish love it
Rear inlet, 25mm with hose tails & tape
32mm inlet available on these sizes

1 rear 25mm inlet supplied as standard
Please state any of the alternatives (see above)

Pump size required (minimum flow)
30cm (12 inch) wide 3000LPH
45cm (18 inch) wide 5000LPH
60cm (24 inch) wide 6000LPH

Garden Pond Cascade Waterfall - Stainless Steel - 30cm Blade

SKU: 874884208
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